Arsenal vs Liverpool

I received an SMS from Maxis inviting me to Legends Bar in Jalan Sultan Ismail to watch Arsenal vs Liverpool. Food and drinks on the house. Should have gone, at least I get to celebrate like crazy.


It is so sad… Liverpool lost, I’m gonna spell it out: THREE-NIL to ARSENAL.

I so kesian to you Liverpool… Kidneypool… Intestinepool… Whatever-pool fans out there! Bwahahaha!

ARSENAL totally owned you guys! Three-bloody-nil!

In the first half, Liverpool was solid. Good defending and kept intercepting Arsenal’s beautiful passes (not so beautiful anymore after they kept getting intercepted). It was like watching Arsenal vs West Ham last week. I felt like crying. And Van Persie, you think you Maradona ah?!?! Trying to do the Hand of God?! ‘Dai sei’ for getting a yellow card, I hope you get a good whip in the arse by Wenger. Then Flamini scored near the end of 1st half! When I saw the Arsenal’s possesion of 59% by half-time, I was relieved. At least Kidneypool didn’t get much ‘ball time’ (as in air-time).

By the second half, Arsenal was playing the beautiful passes again. Simply magic! So beautiful that even Kolo could go solo. I had to run all the way to kitchen and celebrate because my mom was sleeping in the living room. Only after Gallas has scored and Gerrard was playing in the centre that Kidneypool has a little more ball time. Almost, but didn’t, scored once… Phew!

By the way, Kidneypool played rough. You think you playing kampung football?!

Man Utd taruh Liverpool 2-0, one goal by a defender (Ferdinand)
Arsenal taruh Liverpool 3-0, two goals by defenders (Toure & Gallas)

Conclusion: Arsenal > Man Utd > Kidneypool.

Yours Sincerely,
the ARsenal Fan.

P.S. I might look like I anti-Kidneypool. I do, simply because my brother is a fan. It only makes it sweeter that both Arsenal and Man Utd pawned Kidneypool. Bwahahaha!

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