Death Note to UMNO

Hey anime/manga fans out there? I’m sure you would have heard about this Japanese manga comic — Death Note. If you still have zilch idea about it, you can flip the newspaper: look for the cinema listings. There’s a new movie based on this manga. Same title, same story.

For the uninitiated, the story is about the god/angel of death purposely dropped his book on earth. Some smart alec found it. Whose ever name he wrote on the book will die, by heart failure if the way to die is not written.

Check out this short video here by Shadow Fox. Quite funny! And it’s only 8 seconds, no reason no to watch it. If it were up to me, I would write death by having explosives (preferably C4) shoved up their greedy-corrupted ass! Bwahahaha [sinister* laughter]! (*sinister=bad, evil, base, or wicked; fell: his sinister purposes.)

This just reminded me of a joke while I was still in MBS. This soft spoken, fair skinned guy was chosen as the school captain. My friend said the principal must have chosen him as a captain after sodomising him (it was some time after the Anwar sodomy case, thus the stupid joke. Kamar, you remember this joke?).
The statement that followed was this: “Dia tu lembik, mesti buntut dia koyak kena liwat. Haha… buntut koyak!”
Translation: “He is soft, his asshole must have torn while being sodomised. Haha… torned asshole!”

Do you think Pak Lah’s buntut lembik[soft ass] will koyak[get torn] when the C4 is shoved up his ass?


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