A State of Mentality: Chinese Frustration!


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I’m going to start off by swearing and cursing and dissing the Chinese in Malaysia.
D*mn you! F*ck you! Eat shite you! Go shove a durian up your bloody arse!
You guys are the bane/headache/curse/nightmare of party planners! I’m not going to apologise for all the expletives directed at you!

Allow me to narrow my definition of “Chinese” for the purpose of this article. As of now until the end of this article only, “Chinese” will refer to people (mostly of the Chinese ethnicity) who studied in Chinese primary school e.g. SRJK (C), who then studied in national type secondary school e.g. those of SM Abu Bakar, SM Taman Mantap and the like OR Chinese based secondary school e.g. those of SM Yoke Heng, SM Tiong Hua and the like.

“They” generally speak Madarin and broken English with various degree of pariah-ness. Then “they” tease those who can’t speak Madarin. And the weirdest/ludicrous/imbecilic bit is that “they” scoff at those who speak good English. Let me shove a little humility up “your” ignorant ass. Those who can’t speak Mandarin, can’t speak Mandarin because they didn’t have the opportunity to learn Mandarin at school. “You”, on the other hand, had been learning English since year 3, and you still cannot utter a coherent sentence in English. And “you” don’t even care to take the effort to improve “yourselves”.

What’s my problem, you ask me.

Well, some of my friends belong to this category. But not all of them are like what I described. Sometimes, their behaviours/antics are irritating because I can’t read their minds. So I just shrug it off as individual differences and continue to buat lawak bodoh. But “they” sometimes exhibit small, niggling behaviors that seriously piss me off. Read: SERIOUSLY PISS ME OFF!

One such antic is that “they” don’t reply to invitations. Or worse, “they” reply with f*cked up answers like ‘see how lah (看下先)’, ‘I should be free gua’, ‘see who are coming first’, ‘if he come, I come’. What the f*cking h*ll are these god d*mn replies?! [You guys don’t understand what does “RSVP” mean is it?!] “You” think the door is always open for “you” after I invited “you”?! “You” think “you” feel like coming, then “you” come; don’t feel like coming, then “you” don’t come. Or are “you” waiting for better options, then go to the one with more fun. In the mean time, “you” tell me ‘see how lah’ just in case “you” have no other plans. “You” are taking it for granted, selfish little bastards!

Is it too difficult to give a simple and direct reply e.g. ‘OK I’ll come’, ‘I can’t confirm now, let you know on xxxxxx’, ‘sorry, can’t make it’. ‘See how lah (看下先)’ has got to be the most-most-most-most-most-most-most-most-most f*ck up reply. I abso-f*cking-lutely hate/repulse/detest/abhor/loathe/despise it. And I abso-f*cking-lutely hate/repulse/detest/abhor/loathe/despise the person who says it. People who say it all the time are inconsiderate, irresponsible and manipulative.

Yours Sincerely,
the “CHinese”

P.S. I’ve graciously and painstakingly included links to dictionary.com onto words that I *know is beyond “your” comprehension. Click on those words and learn ’em up. I should probably come up with a Mandarin translation too, in case “you” just can’t understand this article.

1 Response to “A State of Mentality: Chinese Frustration!”

  1. February 19, 2007 at 12:28 pm

    You are guilty of the crime of anti-Chinese racism, no matter whether you claim to be Chinese or not.

    Tareq Aziz, Iraqi Baathist Assyrian Christian Deputy Prime Minister is facing criminal charge of Anti-Assyrian racism whose penalty is death. This is because he tried to destroy the Syriac language, the identity of the Assyrian race.

    There is really no such thing as an Arab Christian, and the painful truth is Middle Eastern and North African Christian people, such as Coptic people and Syriac people are not Arabs, maybe Arabised but certainly not Arabs.

    If a Middle Eastern or North African Christian calls himself Arab, he is a liar and almsot certainly hardly Christian but an Anti-Christian Islamist stooge.

    In Egypt, we have Arabists (Arab nationalists) who are mostly mostly and Coptic nationalists who are mostly Christians. Conservatives Copts insist that they are not Arabs and demand racial equality (yes, language is race) by calling for three official languages, Arabic, English and Coptic, with publically-funded Coptic language schools.

    Christian children must have freedom not to learn Arabic, a poisonous language of Islamic propaganda.

    iamyuanwu: Hah hah! I am guilty as charged! I was pretty pissed off at that time with some people who exhibited the above mentioned trait.

    No harm if children and parents are aware of the propaganda and just learn Arabic. But there are always crazy zealots trying to plant funny ideas into a child’s mind. You are right that there must be freedom to learn or not to learn Arabic (from a Malaysian point of view).

    Err BTW, you comment is all over the place lah… Can’t get the gist of what you were saying.

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