20-60% Toll Hike

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Check this out, fellas.

It’s toll hike for Kay Ell-ians! Nik Nazmi couldn’t believe it with election being so near.

From Reuters (13 Dec)……

“The new rates take effect on Jan. 1,” the source, who declined to be identified, told Reuters. “That’s our New Year present.”

New Year present from the gahmen we so happily voted for! Are you happy?

Works Minister S. Samy Vellu said recently the government would have to fork out 2 billion ringgit ($565 million) in compensation to five highway operators if toll rates were not revised.


“The real toll is 2.10 ringgit, so the government is still subsidising 50 sen for each user,” the source said.

Yeah, whatever.
I’ve learned not to believe any figure our gahmen provide. What 2.10 Ringgit and 2 billion!? It’s probably another twisted figure calculated using obscure formulas (remember the percentage of Malay equity drama involving Dr Lim from ASLI? In fact, gahmen still has not disclosed the formula it used to calculate their figure!).

Government officials told the briefing that one reason for the shortfall in toll collection was due to motorists switching to alternative non-toll roads, the source said.

Look, gahmen. The last few times petrol naik, you told us to change life style. So, we change lifestyle lah! When we drive, we take the road without toll. This is one of the many ways to change lifestyle, no? Now, you tell us this!
People, please learn from your mistakes. When the gahmen says change lifestyle, don’t change your driving habit also. If you want lower toll rates, please use the heavily tolled highways more to increase their toll collection. (Sarcasm added)

Then our ‘gaan1 chan2’ (evil/sinister character in Cantonese) Deputy PM did this (from MalaysiaKini)……

The editors of all newspapers and television stations have been told not to play up the impending increase in toll hike on five highways, at a hush-hush briefing chaired by deputy prime minister Najib Abdul Razak yesterday.

Dude, WTF?!
The gahmen is trying to hide things from us.

And here’s what good ol’ Samy Vellu has to say in an interview(check it out here)……

Malaysia’s Plus highway (RM0.136 per km),
Philippines (RM0.355), Thailand (RM0.227), China (RM0.276) and Indonesia (RM0.148).

Here’s a reply from a guy from Thailand……

SAC, a Thailand-based Screenshots reader wrote [to Jeff Ooi] this:

I’ve been staying in Thailand for 9 years and there are NO tolls on Thai HIGHWAYS. The tolls are only in Bangkok metropolitan areas and there-abouts. You can drive from Bukit Kayu Hitam to Bangkok without paying one Baht, so Samy Vellu making a comparison with Thailand is telling only half the story.

NO TOLL ON THAI HIGHWAYS! Can you f*cking believe this? Samy Vellu is lying (seperti biasa)! And our gahmen is ripping us off, man. Who ask us to be so stupid and vote for them?! Now we suffer lor. After that, our children suffer some more lor. Then we probably wouldn’t have any grand children, since every smart people would have gone extinct (pupus 绝种) in Malaysia. (Can you here the sinister/’gaan1 chan2′ laughter of Najib and Hishammudin?)

Yours Sincerely,
the DRiver.

1 Response to “20-60% Toll Hike”

  1. 1 Bear
    March 22, 2007 at 3:30 pm

    Economy will be hurt tremendously in 2007 over rate hikes. I really do not know how the decision was made. 7 in 10 ppl I know had said that quality of life is going down with increament of petrol, toll and parking as they all watch their purchasing power diluted.

    The rates if not controlled/moderated, will result in a economic halt, which will be hard to recover.

    All responsible govt should really think and seriously about it.

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