Pak Lah Talking to Himself

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From The Star (16 Dec)….

Political parties have to practise self-restraint when raising issues that may create unhappiness among the country’s multi-racial populace.

That was during the general assembly of PPP. Our dear PM seems to be talking about his own party. Amazing ain’t it, when you can tell other parties to practise self-restraint but your own party doesn’t have to. Pak Lah you F*CKING HYPOCRITE!!

Now, check this out…

The green light for this outburst was given by UMNO President and Prime Minister himself, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at the Pre-Council Meeting a day earlier. Delegates were told that the chinese community was trying to undermine the malay community by creating demands and the best thing would be to show the ‘malay feelings’ which will keep them in place. Delegates concentrated on attacking the chinese with fiery speeches which now has turn-out to be seditious in nature.

Speeches like ‘will bathe in blood to uphold malay rights’ were all endorsed by the UMNO Supreme Council, since speeches and speakers had to received their approval before doing so.

Quoted from a recent article by Mohd Kamal Abdullah (read the article “Why Attack The Chinese Community, UMNOPutra’s Untold Story” here)

The last time when UMNO did it, you just kept quiet. The members would not have said those things if you didn’t allow it in the first place. Then you tried to redeem the situation by pretending to be moderate in your concluding speech. After that, your stupid son-in-law — Khairy wrote an article in NST and said that it is normal in UMNO General Assembly that members become crazy.

What more, when the police decide to investigate the matter since UMNO members clearly violated the Sedition Act, your party told the police f*ck off because it was an “internal matter”. And pretended to investigate, then conveniently forget about it.

I pity MCA and Gerakan for being part of BN. Good luck to you guys in coming General Elections!

If it were up to me (of course, I don’t think it would ever happen)… I’d get out of the BN coalition, turn MCA into a multi racial party, campaign on my own, then form new coalition with whoever treats us with respect. BN will never give MCA the respect you guys deserve when all you do is to behave like immigrants. As long as MCA remains a Chinese-immigrant party, everyone is still going to treat you like an immigrant. Time to wise up, don’t you think?

Yours Sincerely,
the MAlaysian.

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