Can we have him as our PM instead?

not-so-small talk:
Do you listen to jazz? Lets go to Alexis Bistro one fine evening.

Raja Dr Nazrin
Crown Prince of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah

Can we have him as our PM?

Please… please… please!!

Read this and this to understand why.

Now for some other slightly related juicy stories about other royal families in Malaysia.

This was while working as a in a credit card company last time. One day, our group happen to gossip about royal families. So this colleague shared this story about a friend of hers who was quite beautiful (never seen this girl before, everything is according to my colleague)… and was one if the mistresses of a royalty.

It seem some royal families are big spenders. No work and all play. They would book lavish resorts in exotic islands (e.g. Tioman, Pangkor…) then party day and night. They’d invite pretty girls (lots of them) to wear sexy bikinis to their yatch and have fun. They’d buy expensive gifts for the girls. They’d keep multiple mistresses. They’d probably spend hundreds of thousands in a day. And more hundreds of thousands in a night.

And this is only an example of a bau-bau bacang kerabat diraja. Imagine 20, 30 or hundreds of these kerabat dirajas. [pengsan…]

In fact, this colleague of mine even went to one of those trips before and got paid/tipped quite handsomely. She said her friend (the mistresses-girl) was a bit dumb not to have korek the royalty’s money kau kau.

If it were up to her(my colleague), she would have asked the royalty pay for the down payment of a house or something like that, instead of spending on Versaces, Guccis and Pradas. Better get a good deal, before the royalty dump her pussy for a new one.


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