To kill a motorcyclist

– A mat salleh I’ve spoken to once said that Malaysian drivers drive like they are constantly trying to kill motorcyclist.
– A friend of mine told me he made it a point to drive as close as possible to the car on his side if a motorcycle tries to squeeze between them and overtake him. (Can’t really blame him. A bike once caused an accident where he was comatose for 2 weeks.)
– Another friend of mine is simply blind to motorcycles. Never bothered to notice them at all.
– My mom was making a turn when a bike hit the side of the car behind the doors. She didn’t notice the bike. Nasib baik no injuries.

I’ve been involved in an accident with a motorcycle before. I was going to make an *ahem* illegal *ahem* when I heard a long bang and something flew next to my window. Fortunately, he only had a cut on the arm that needed few stitches.
(Not entirely my fault. I check the side mirror and signalled. That idiot was speeding and he came out of no where. I suspect he was criss-crossing between the lanes.)

Most of us (upper middle class Chinese Malaysians) wouldn’t give a shit about these motorcyclists.
Maybe it’s because we don’t have friends/relatives whose only form of transportation is the motorcycle.
Or maybe we have not been in an accident before.
Or maybe we have not seen our friends got hit by drivers who don’t notice them.

Regardless if the motorcyclist is riding safely or not,

I hate reckless motorcyclist as much as you do. But it’s not our job to teach them a lesson. The point is to AVOID AN ACCIDENT.

Have you thought about this?
The biker is someone’s son/daughter.
The biker is someone’s father.
The biker is someone’s friend.

LESSON FOR ALL: Always… ALWAYS LOOK AT THE SIDE MIRRORS to make sure there are no bikes right next to you before making a turn or stopping at a road side.

LESSON 2: Always use the bloody f*cking ORANGE SIGNAL LIGHT(indicator) before making a turn or changing lanes. So the motorcycles(and cars) can get out of your way.

LESSON 3: Always give the motorcyclist some space. Don’t tailgate them (you might actually succeed in killing him if you do).


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