Buy my vote!

This is the un-official report from Ijok ‘buy’-election… from a first hand story of a businessman.

Ringgit Malaysia

This guy has a business investment somewhere in Ijok, and he has an employee who so happens to be from Ijok.

That guy was visibly happy when he returned for work after visiting his family back in Ijok. It seems that each household was initially offered eight hundred Ringgit. When the competition for votes became intense, the incentive to sway voters to vote for BN increased to one thousand Ringgit.

That’s not a small amount of money. One thousand per household. A thousand houses would translate to one million [RM1,000,000]! I’m sure Ijok has more than 1000 households.

  • Where in the heck did they get this money to pay all these people? [Is that my parents’ tax money?!]
  • How is it that the Elections Commission(SPR) can close 2 eyes on this matter?
  • Why is it not reported by the opposition or any newspapers (how come even MalaysiaKini or other bloggers did not report about it)?
  • Or maybe I’m just too young to know that this is the SOP(standard operating procedure) of BN election tactics?
  • __________

    I’m absolutely angry that such underhand tactics are being employed in the election in Ijok. This is UNFAIR. They should do it in Bandar Tun Razak too, where I vote. And make that 5000 Ringgit so that I can buy my dream lens. Bwahahaha!
    Nikkor 17-55 f2.8
    My dream lens: the Nikon AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED.

    Come BN. Come buy my vote next election. I offer 5000 Ringgit.
    5000 Ringgit only… cheap cheap!

    Oh BTW, I assume you know that the ‘guy with fake hair in our Cabinet’ promised an illegal housing area of Indian Malaysian community in Ijok to give them land titles during the election campaign?
    That piece of land was meant for development soon, it was delayed due to negotiations with the settlers. Suddenly, the developer lost the contract [to develope the land] after the election. Then it was promptly paid 8 million Ringgit as compensation for the lost of the contract.

    Two questions,

  • How come land titles were given away so easily?
  • Spend 8 million of government’s [read: people’s] money for BN’s [read: political party-not government’s] election campaign?
  • I up my vote to 10k Ringgit.
    Now I can buy this too!
    Nikkor 85 f1.4
    The Cream Machine: AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.4D IF

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