Elections 2008 – Bandar Tun Razak’s Tan Chai Ho

This is Tan Chai Ho.

I don’t like him because seriously… I don’t know what has he been up to in the past four years as Bandar Tun Razak’s (BTR) wakil. My dad says he’s an imbecilic dimwit. Maybe barely passed his SPM… liddat also can become deputy minister.

Apparently too, he has a mistress/2nd wife. What is this? Can’t keep your stick in your pants? Lucky fella… thankfully the Chua Soi Lek case didn’t happen to you, eh? I wonder why all these big shot politicians like to fool around when they already have a family.

Last week’s Ops Crocodile-tears was a joke! TCH went to a tamil primary school. The school was flooded and the students have no choice but to study in the school field. TCH said that he was so moved & deeply sympathised the students’ situation that tears rolled down his cheek! Bwahahahah! Come on lah, TCH. Muka pun tak pernah tunjuk sekali di sini… tiba-tiba menangis berpura-pura empati. Siapa nak percaya?! (kecuali auntie dan uncle yang bodoh sial sajalah yang percaya air mata buaya engko.)

I don’t know what is his stand on many of the current issues. Things like petty crimes in my area, building new Chinese primary schools, rising living expenses, water cannon’s and harsh treatment of BERSIH ralliers (he was the deputy home minister after all), snatch theft & violent street crimes on innocent people, yadda… yadda… yadda…

Where’s your manifesto, nigga? Without a manifesto, how to vote for you? I better vote Khalid Ibrahim of PKR, at least I know there’ll be some real check and balance in the parliament.

Vote, so that your voice can be heard. Don’t vote because you hear voices in your head.

(note: the voices in your head is planted by BN’s crazy-brainwashing advertisements X^D )

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