Elections 2008 – Debunking MCA’s Education Myth

Now let’s take a closer look at MCA’s ad in the papers. It claims that it has helped Chinese education from the inside. This is bullsh!t.

Helping students appeal for JPA scholarships & public U entry are not what a prominent political party like MCA should be doing. Holding seminars/road shows to coach SPM leavers how to fill in university application form so as to increase the chances of entry is not a political party’s job.

In fact, no political party should be doing any of the above. Let the NGO’s do their thing. Political parties (through the gahmen which execute their policies) should be fighting for safe-guarding fair selection of scholars and fair entry to public U. With a fair system, there wouldn’t be a need for us to appeal here & there, no teary eyed parents+students appearing in Chinese newspapers crying foul over the system, no busybody bloggers making a heck of a noise about the issue. MCA is indirectly perpetuating this never-ending situation so that they can remain relevent to SPM leavers. This is very-very selfish of MCA. It’s like betraying the Chinese Malaysian community.

How about Chinese primary schools? After so much noise from the Chinese Malaysian community & various Chinese NGO’s the gahmen has only approved a minute amount of money to SJK(C)’s around the nation. Wah… Hisap-pudding gives us a few mere millions, and Ong Ka Ting have to go to the newspapers and praise Hisap-pudding as the saviour, the angel that descended from heaven… & OKT himself as the hero who has successfully called upon the saviour. Ptooi!

What is this?! OKT & MCA, you’ve got no f*cking balls kah? Have to suck Hisap-pudding’s one kah?

Ong Ka Ting… clean & honest (apparently) but ball-less & dick-less (actually).

MCA should grow some balls & tell the BN whip system to go far-far and play SM alone. F*ck BN’s regulations… the main concern should be the Constitution & the people’s rights. Support & allow members to speak up against foul play & injustice.

Vote, so that your voice can be heard. Don’t vote just because you hear voices in your head.

(note: the voices in your head is planted by BN’s crazy-brainwashing advertisements)

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