Back from Guangzhou

Home sweet home.

I’m back from Guangzhou. That’s about 30+ hours of no bath/clean up. So this is a quick & dirty update.

Spend my first night in the streets & casino of Macau. Won 300HKD.

Stayed in Panyu [番禺], it’s the town next to Guangzhou [广州]. Something like Kajang and KL. Digressing a bit… as we pass by Zhuhai [珠海], the city itself is like Putrajaya. The roads are wide, the landscaping along the main roads/streets is amazing. In a few years time, KL wouldn’t be able to compete even with a mid-sized town in China. Our BN politician (appallingly stupid and self-centred) are just too darned busy playing politic, harping on racial issues & comparing ourselves with with some 4th world nations.

Attended Ah Onn’s wedding. I was basically the official photographer despite my lack of experience. Thanks to Henry for over-promoting me. >.<

Went to Chime Long Amusement Park. Well, it’s sort of like Genting. Also went to Ju Long Bay hot springs resort [聚龙湾温泉度假区]. It was a nice mata air panas. Henry got an ear infection because air termasuk telinga. Also went shopping a little in GZ. I’ll be back to GZ again. This time, I’ll be heading to Jiuzhaigou [九寨沟+黄龙] or Zhangjiajie [张家界] or Guilin [桂林].

My last night was spend in the streets of Hong Kong… well 24hour McDonald’s actually.

Towards the last few days, I didn’t take a lot of photos. Probably because I feel so lost/blur and tired to actually take any photos at all. Crap, the Nikon D70s is a bloody hassle to take photos… too darn big @ss. I should so get a Canon G9 (or wait for Nikon/Fuji to come up with a G9 equivalent). Or maybe a Pentax K200, Olympus E-410.

Oh yeah, before I log off…
It’s not hard to get Henry drunk. All you need is a six-pack. Actually, half a six-pack will do. The crazy things he do & say when drunk is so dangerous he should be quarantine in Level 5298467 biohazard labs, not to mention he’ll keep on talking & talking & talking throughout the night. Oh, and camwhore too!

2 Responses to “Back from Guangzhou”

  1. 1 wen
    April 3, 2008 at 2:52 pm

    sounds like a fun trip wt the occasional spending the nite by the road…i have nvr tried tat bt i’ve definitely tried some cheap @ss motel…don’t even dare to look at the toilet bowl…had close my eyes and finish my business ASAP

  2. April 4, 2008 at 3:09 pm

    I’d rather spend the night on the streets than to sleep in a cheap @ss hotel. There are plenty of those in Nathan Road (semething like Orchard Rd & our Bukit Bintang area)… HKD68/2 hrs or 150 per night. I know there’ll be hookers and pimp daddies knocking on my door all through the night. And it’ll be shit @ss dirty.
    McCafe is the preferred choice. 8^D

    But sleeping on the streets is no fun. It’s cold, considering current climate in HK/Macau (windy and quite cool). It’s just horrible lah. And I got harrassed verbally by some homeless aunty in McD… in Hongkie-accent English!
    She called me “uneducated, uncultured and uncivilised”! Crap her!

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