KL Freeze

Heard of New York Grand Central Station Freeze by the Improv Everywhere people? Here you go…

Now, I never expect to see this kind of mass prank in KL. Until someone sent me a notice in Facebook. I would’ve gone and participated, or at least snap some cool shots… if only I remembered the event. I totally forgot about it until I read a blog post about it. So here’s one of the videos…

Notice that when it ended, they didn’t just walk off or continue with whatever sh!te they were doing. Instead, they stood around and cheered and clapped and hugged each other as if celebrating Arsenal beat MU 6-nil. Alamak… so potong stim! This is so Malaysian… the typical Malaysian Boleh act — anything worth the action, is worth action lebih **! We certainly-absolutely-totally have no clue of what subtlety means.

It was in Pavillion KL. I think it is not so nice lah… considering that Pavillion is a private property. Unless the joke is on them – Pavillion KL – like the No Shirts in Abercrombie & Fitch video. Maybe Bintang Walk or somewhere public would have been more appropriate.

Anyway, well done. I’m sure you guys had your fun. I’ll try to join in next time. And I’m quite sure Pavillion would be prepared next time. Prepare to get thrown out! X^D

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** action lebihlebih means more; despite the use of the English word action in this phrase, it absolutely have no such meaning in the Malaysian context. What it actually means is being proud and making a loud statement out of something microscopic… when in fact, there really is no reason to be proud.

1 Response to “KL Freeze”

  1. 1 Wen
    April 17, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    Haha totally agree with you man…the true motive of the whole event is lost just like that with their action lebih…clearly no clue of what subtlety means

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