Hisap-pudding says sorry wor…

Laugh… cough… choke… uek! Puke blood!

If it affected anyone, I cannot run away from the reality of it. I apologise to the non-Malays and the Malays.
~ Hisap-puding ~

I’m betting that this news only appears in English & Chinese newspapers. If you’re a Chinese Malaysian hope you read this like reading the jokes section of a magazine — laughed at it and don’t believe a word.

Hisap dewd…
We’ve been waiting so long for this, that it doesn’t even matter now whether you apologise/feel sorry/cut your own balls and present them to the Chinese-Malaysians as an act of repentence then promptly commit harakiri with that ‘plastic’ keris out of shame to your ancestors.

Too little, too late. We know you’re not sincere, you’re just jumping on the UMNO-bandwagon-of-self-blame so that you can be seen as having some humility/willing to take resposibility. Why not I slap your face first then say I’m sorry?! If anyone believes his sh!t, then you are stupid enough to deserve his sh!t.

We know what the keris is. If you want to use it as a cultural symbol for the Malays… well, go ahead. But noooo…. you had pulled out the keris and screamed for Chinese blood… CHINESE BLOOD. Tiu! C’mon, everyone knows that’s not a cultural symbol anymore when you do that. Kau ingat kami ni bodoh ke apa?!

NAH! Eat this, biaaaaatch!
flaming middle finger

UMNO can rot for all eternity in the depths of nine hells! And sodomised by the devil himself! Muahahahah X^D

Do check out Hsu Darren’s blog for more moderate use of language. =D


1 Response to “Hisap-pudding says sorry wor…”

  1. 1 bow
    June 28, 2008 at 4:56 am

    How can a gangster like him can be education minister? Lack of intelligent man in Malaysia already! You shouldn’t expect any humble person from UMNO youth branch, this Malay gangster party will not allow good Malaysian to join in the first place.

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