Grand Saga can sod off

Hah hah hah!

Greedy little f*cktards, now you kena tiu by the new Selangor PR gahmen. Muahahahah!

You blocked the road built by the developers for Cheras Mahkota because you wanted to force the residents there to detour 4-5km and pass through your toll. When the it was approved to have the barricades removed, you some how managed to ‘convince‘ certain people of power to delay it. You even managed to have some policemen cordon off that junction when the residents disobeyed the delay order.

And you even dare to ask for 200 million Ringgit as compensation from then state gahmen (with Khir Toyol as your 靠山). Laugh… cough… choke… uek! Puke blood!

Now, the Selangor PR gahmen is shoving this up your arse…
flaming middle finger

No contract with state gahmen, what to compensate?! Loss of toll collection? You f*cking babi increased from 60+70 sen to 1 Ringgit + 90 sen… now you tamak want to ask for 200 million?!?! Engko pi jilat bola Toyol lah! Mana tau dia tu kencing minyak tar – dapatlah minyak tar percuma untuk buat highway.
Muahahahah X^D


2 Responses to “Grand Saga can sod off”

  1. April 27, 2008 at 8:29 am

    Yes.Mahkota cheras acess road must open.This country is for the people not for the GXXXXD SXXA.

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