Corruption and you/me/everyone

Because there will be no end to corruption if BN continues to rule our country. Corruption have become the sole reason for its survival. UMNO is corrupted in the all levels – this is an open secret. MCA is involved in the underworld. Don’t believe me? Read this post by ShadowFox and his links to Malaysia-Today. MIC is a already bloody mafia itself.

So you say… I can live with corruption+extortion (I added extortion because some people in power/little Nazis in gahmen demand that you bribe them — if this is not extortion, I don’t know what it is). Malaysia Boleh mah, close one two eyes loh.


can you live with high inflation rate + no salary increase?

This is what can happen to you/me/everyone if corruption is allowed to continue. Oops, my mistake — let me re-phrase:
This is what’s happening to you/me/everyone because corruption+extortion is rampant. [Now… that sounds more accurate]

How can this be?
– Because corruption+extortion have made it difficult to do business in Malaysia.
– Because corruption+extortion have increased the cost of running a legitimate business in Malaysia – this means companies have less money to pay their employees e.g. you.
– Because corruption+extortion have decreased foreign investment into Malaysia.
– Because corruption+extortion have decreased competition in business.
– Because corruption+extortion have suppressed entrepreneurship.

Ever wonder why the cost of living in our neighbouring countries (Thailand, Singapore) can be low when there’s no subsidies for petrol/sugar/flour/etc?
– Because corruption is not as rampant as in Malaysia.
– Because their gahmens has no time for politicking & playing the racial/religion card. The world is moving forward way too fast to play these destructive games.
– Because their gahmens are not made up of idiots (Thaksin, LeeSL+Singaporean cabinet).
– Because their gahmens are people oriented.

So, what to do leh?
There’s no way we can expect UMNO or BN for that matter to change. Like I said, corruption is the sole reason and means for their survival. The best we can do is to vote in a new gahmen that has no experience in corruption to get rid of all corruption+extortion once and for all. Then, Malaysia will truly be the home I’ve always wanted. Oops, I mean: we have always wanted.

2 Responses to “Corruption and you/me/everyone”

  1. 1 bow
    June 26, 2008 at 9:12 am

    change political party for the best, no other choice after 50 years of HELL.

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