Hah hah, apparently, I have been mistaken. That is not Arabic. It’s actually tulisan Jawi. Basket, why suddenly put tulisan Jawi on the road signs still perplexes me. I suspect it’s the usual local gahmen dirty trick of fattening their own wallets.

Check this out, guys X^D :
Jalan Makmur = جالن معمور
[Jawi is read left to right. Translated using: http://www.ejawi.net/converter.php ]

Apologise for the rant. This teaches everyone a lesson: Don’t make stupid claims when you’re unsure of the fact. And that there is no shame in admitting our mistakes.


What the fooking hell is this bl00dy sh!te!
We have more Chinese literate people in Malaysia.
We have more Tamil literate people in Malaysia.
We have even more English literate people in Malaysia.
We probably have more Japanese literate people here in Malaysia.

So how come I don’t see Chinese road signs, or Tamil road signs, or for-Pete’s-sake… English road signs?! Heck, why not Japanese road signs too.

And this sh!te appears.
Pukimak babi cheebai punya gahmen!!

I don’t like this sh!te because it means some overzealous Muslims in the gahmen/DBKL is trying to force these down our throats. It means that overzealous idiot can’t differentiate between Islam and Arabic. It means out country is trying too hard to portray as an Islamic country. It means religion freedom is being push aside to make way for some Islamo-zealotry. It means it’s one small step out of the many that our country is being overtaken by zealots and crazy people.

The same thing happened in Germany many years ago – remember Hitler and Jew hatred? It didn’t happen in days or weeks or months. It probably took years. Little things surfaced that shows the underlying wave of crazy ideology that’s growing because of a few zealous minority. When the majority overlooks/ignores these, the movement grows into a monster. This Arabic road sign is not the first of the signs of crazy things to come. Arab corner in Bukit Bintang, Islam Hadhari, body snatching… etc……

Truthfully, there’s no future for Malaysia liao lah. The whole country needs a serious overhaul. The education system – from primary to tertiary is a mess, judiciary is corrupted, polis lagi corrupted and bullies the innocent, cabinet that doesn’t care about the people, totally horrendous medical service (even in most private hospitals), salary not equal to living standards, institutionalised racism, stagnating economy, high crime level, inadequate law to protect the innocent, general public & business community (whistle blower act? unfair contract act? minimum wages? antitrust act? house buyers’ rights?)… There is simply nothing about Malaysia that can be deemed excellent — except one thing: the people.

Good night, and good luck Malaysia.

9 Responses to “Arabification”

  1. 1 GDMF
    June 14, 2008 at 2:43 am

    Yeah, WTF with this country. I am gonna leave if I have the opportunity.

  2. 2 bow
    June 26, 2008 at 9:02 am

    It is all screw up by the islamo extremist government officials to appease those arab countries in middle east especially the camel riders, trying to turn us all into some sorts of arabic literate citizens, F***king BN.

  3. 3 hmm..
    June 27, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    that was tulisan jawi or old malay writing. it not related to religious, bahasa arab or else. if you spell and pronouns it, still same as bahasa melayu. not only malay in malaysia use it, jawa, indonesia, acheh, etc. tulisan jawi is more to ‘khazanah’. nowday, not all young people know how to read tulisan jawi. please save your hatred else were. thanks.

  4. June 27, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    Cantiklah. Kena taruh back by a well informed comment. Objektif tercapai!

    I did some search and wiki and found out that it is tulisan Jawi after all. Check this out X^D:
    Jalan Makmur = جالن معمور
    [Jawi is read from left to right, BTW. Translated using: http://www.ejawi.net/converter.php ]

    I had suspected it might be tulisan Jawi (yeah, I know that it is pronounced & used the same way as alphabet Malay). But I can’t read it, and worse… I can’t differentiate it between Jawi and Arabic. Now some one has come to clarify it. I apologise.

    I have nothing against Jawi. As ‘hmm..’ said, it’s our cultural heritage after all. I just don’t like our gahmen bending over our backs just to kiss foreigners’ ass.

  5. 5 steven
    June 28, 2008 at 4:30 am

    Nothing much better to do for these city officials, too much free time on hand to come out with these Jawi or whatever “B/S” ! Retarded Malaysian government officials at work.

  6. 6 bow
    June 28, 2008 at 4:37 am

    Arabic or Jawi make no different to every Malaysian who can not understand this foreign language, why can’t the officials use simple BM or English only , are we all world’s languages experts or what? No need to apologize, it is very natural for you to get mad, you are exercising your right, cereal killer.

  7. 7 linda
    June 30, 2008 at 12:46 am

    haha, next time do your research first. i have chinese and indian friend who can read jawi better than me. he need to apologize coz he made a stupid mistake. think first!

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