Anwar wins… So how now?

A little less conversation, a little more action, please
All this aggravation ain’t satisfactionin’ me
A little more bite and a little less bark
A little less fight and a little more spark
Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me
Satisfy me baby
A Little Less Conversation by Elvis


This comes as no surprise. Seriously, you didn’t actually think that Arif Omar Shah, brother of one Amin Omar Shah (who was commissioned to build 9 naval vessels for our Royal Navy — never delivered, promptly declared bankruptcy, and disappeared) would actually pose a threat to Anwar, did you?!
[For the Permatang Pauh buy*-election info/updates –> hsudarren.blogspot.com ]
[ *pun intended. X^D ]

So Anwar is happily sent back to the parliament. Apa macam sikarang?

As much as I loathe BN, I have little confidence in PR (Pakatan Rakyat) at the moment. Too much talk, but not much walking. Too much drama, but not much action. Heck… it’s like watching Dragonball cartoon on RTM1.

Son Goku standing half a mile away from his opponent, both hand together and tucked to the side of his stomach, exchanging macho crap, staring at each other, camera zooming from one guy to another… then comes the stupiak Ding Dang or Tora ads [for Ding Dang/Tora nostalgia click here & there], more macho talk and staring, more Ding Dang/Tora ads… and the cartoon ends prematurely with another round of Ding Dang/Tora. Half and hour of my childhood wasted, waiting for Son Goku to tembak… one. Bl00dy. Hadouken.

Eh, PR dudes… where’s the shadow gahmen lah? If you are serious about forming the next cabinet, show us that you are ready. Tell it to my face the cliche: “I was born ready!“. Show us that you really want it… and you want it bad! With a proper shadow cabinet, the take-over process will be much less chaotic and swifter. Just look at the Selangor state gahmen electing its councillors… adui, so d@mn slow, so d@mn cacated, so d@mn confusing.

OK lah, since you guys are still n00bs…
No need shadow cabinet. How about portfolio/issue-based committees, aye?

  • Each committee targets a specific portfolio/issue, e.g. education, economy, transportation, religion, racial issues, etc.
  • PR MPs will join whichever committee they prefer.
  • The committee members’ role is to dig every single hole for research.
  • The head of committee’s roles are to
    • be the evangelist of that portfolio/issue,
    • gather info/intelligence from committee members & public,
    • hammer the corresponding BN minister ’til kingdom come,
    • swamp those BN mutha-f*ckers with facts, figures and statistics.

*additional bits and bites…
And oh, don’t forget about the federal budget too. DAP had an alternative budget last year. Since you’re taking over the gahmen on Sept 16, that’s awfully near the traditional Federal Budget season in October. You guys (PR) might want to start sharpening your pencils now. I want too see an real+workable alternative budget from PR — focused on improving the economy, creating better jobs & using the petrol money for nation building (please stop harping on and on and on about using Petronas money for petrol subsidy already — the damage is done). Start by reading malaysiafinance.blogspot.com for some ideas (e.g. China’s stimulus plan, his suggestions on how to improve SC and Bursa Malaysia, and many other good sh!t).

With a loose coalition as it is now, it just shows that PR is content with the position of denying BN 2/3 majority. Liddat no need to talk about forming new gahmen lah. Waste our time listening to you guys talk cock only.
When the time comes, it’ll be one big messy rojak with every MP fighting over each other for minister post, and DAP-PKR-PAS bickering about the number of minister post each party holds. And the old sore of DAP-PAS-religion-secularism thing will explode again [Karpal Singh will start this fight like he always does]. And as usual, the country runs on auto-pilot.
Same drama, different actors.

SSDD (Same sh!t, different day.)
quoted from Dreamcatcher by Stephen King

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