I am not patriotic at all

Nasha Aziz wearing a dress of Jalur Gemilang motive Small talk…
Recently, Kickdefella (one of those big-shot bloggers lah) have urged us — ‘unpatriotic’ Malaysians to raise the flag upside down as a sign of distress in the nation. Good call, but too bad no one is ‘berani kerana benar’ anymore. Links here & there & here & there.


Seeing that Hari Kebangsaan is near… well, errrr… just over, why not I write something related to it, aye?
I’ll start off by quoting a friend who wrote this in his Facebook profile in conjunction with National Day…

Xxx* is not patriotic at all.
[name censored to protect the not-so-innocent. X^D]

Well, to any Malaysian out there… this is normal lah, kan?
No young-urban Malaysian will openly profess patriotism for Malaysia. You see, it’s not about not loving Malaysia. But professing our patriotism for Malaysia will make us look like sanctimonious-hypocritical-jerks who got A1 in SPM moral studies.

To quote from Ceritalah column of Karim Raslan [The Star 02 Sept 2008 (Tue)]…

We often hear how Malaysians denigrate their country compared to other places like Australia and (God knows why) Singapore. Listen closely and you will hear frustrated love rather than disdain.

We only [feel] hurt [by] the things we love. We complain because we care.

Well said indeed! And this is exactly how Malaysians feel about their country… by masquerading as unpatriotic. Deep down, it’s still home… and it will always be home. And leaving home in search for love is the last thing any Malaysian would want.

( Oi, you hear me?! You useless-bus-3rd-racist UMN0 babi’s! You tak suka sama saya, you keluar dari Malaysia!! Ptooi!! <– Nah, makan muntah aku supaya engko kuat seperti Badang! You’ll need it when Anwar becomes PM and there’s no where to escape but to swim all the way, to one of those deserted islands in the Pacific ocean. X^D )

[Ahem..emm. Sorry for the rant… got a little carried away. =P ]

Sad, aye?… that we have to leave home to find love — seperti ibu yang memulaukan anaknya sendiri.

So, in the spirit of this tradition… I now proclaim that I am truly Malaysian by being ‘NOT PATRIOTIC AT ALL’.

To fierceness ( + Malaysia) and beyond,
The PAtriot/

P.S. Actually, wearing the flag is a sign of disrespect towards Jalur Gemilang (or any flag for that matter). But heck, Nasha Aziz is sexy in that dress. So what the h*ll lah… =P

1 Response to “I am not patriotic at all”

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