A nutty old horse’s inane rumblings

Holy motherload of crap heavens!

WTF?! Look at this ridiculous sh!t spewing from the old horse’s month — ‘Lou Ma’ (in Cantonese, you know who I’m referring to =)


This is bad and this is also seditious. What in the heck is in that senile old man’s kepala otak? What he said is totally irresponsible! So old already, minum so much kopi already, still wants to ka-ka-cau-cau. Pfffft!

Seriously, Chinese Malaysians have no problems our Malay brethren. Our problem is with the corrupted BN/UMN0 gahmen. Like I said before, corruption, extortion & injustice doesn’t discriminate which pocket it takes its money from, or which life it destroys.
Whether a brown man’s pockets, yellow man’s pocket pockets, a dark man’s pockets, a Banana’s pocket, a Coconut’s* pocket (*coconut = Indian version of Banana, brown on the outside, white inside), a dan-lain-lain’s pockets… semua kena. As long as there are coins in it, their greedy little fingers will squirm its way in to grab it.

What’s ‘farnie’ is that the idiots there actually agrees with Lou Ma about Malays losing powers and what not. LMAO!

Eh brader… s’ka-ang ni makan pun tak cukup, k’orang masih ada mood nak Ketuanan-Melayu sini, keris-bathe-in-Chinese-blood sana, ke? Baik kita berkerjasamalah dan halau pontianak yang dah lama hisap darah rakyat sampai kering kontang. Today, it’s no longer Malay Dilemma — it’s MALAYSIAN DILEMMA. BN/UMN0 doesn’t want to see us united, and the stupid people above ikut secara buta. (Entah nasi apa dia orang makan? Aku suruh mak aku jangan beli.)

So, as a Malay… you betui-betui takut Malayu akan hilang dari dunia. So what to do?

Work harder lah, push for a fairer gahmen/system in Malaysia so that your rights will be taken care of. Look, you’re the biggest number in Malaysia. That makes you the Big Brother. And each of the other siblings have different abilities and different views on issues. Instead of taking care of your younger siblings and talk things out with us, you bully us kau-kau. WTF is this?!

In the mean time, our neighbours laugh at us that there’s no love amongst brothers in a family. Are we seriously stupid or what?! And they take full advantage of this situation. Oh yes, they do.

To fierceness ( +Malaysia) and beyond,
The HOrseWhisperer/

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