Teresa Kok and eggs

She was released from ISA recently. Then she mentioned about the food in prison being terrible and that the food was ‘like dog food’ (or something to that effect).

This statement pissed off some people and sparked off some nasty rebutts.

UMN0 Youth went and made a police report claiming that she insulted the eggs (she was given only two eggs for a meal).

Then some mofo idiot threw a molotov cocktail into her parents’ home for whatever reasons only god knows.

These people deserve to be driven a cactus up their arse. They’ve got nothing else better to do than to tarnish Malaysia’s reputation and waste the air that we breathe. Heck, throw these idiots into ISA and let them have a feel of how the food is like.

If the food is terrible, then there’s no wrong in saying that the food is terrible. It’s actually worse than dog food. My neighbour’s dog gets better food than just 2 eggs per meal, ok?! 2 eggs is barely 12g of protein. Total energy is around 120 calories. Mana ada cukup to sustain BMR?

To those who talk cock a lot and b!tches about Teresa’s statement, please get your arse arrested into a prison and try eating those junk before you start spewing dog sh!te out of your mouth.

the PRisoner/

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