Corrupted card… lost memories

I just had my trusty Sandisk Ultra II CF died out on me. The bl00dy card decided it was a cute idea to corrupt the files inside. Diu. Maybe I bought a fake Sandisk, or maybe I put the card on top of a HDD and kena all the magnetic damage.

I sometimes don’t download files into the PC after a photo shoot. Hey, there’s still lots of space in the card… so I malas lah.

One find day, I removed the card for a few days. When I re-inserted it into the camera, there was no photos in it despite it showing less memory space. I suspected some thing wrong… but the heck with it, I was rushing off to the Viennese Ball practice. So I went ’round shooting the practice session. Setibanya di rumah… I couldn’t open the files. Had to connect through the camera and copy each file one-by-one. Then try to open them to check their integrity.

Well, the Viennese Ball practice photos are all A-OK. But photos taken during Hui Shan’s wedding was corrupted beyond my salvage. Arrrrgh…!!

In desperation, I connected my Nexto back-up HDD to the PC and check if any of previous photos were backed-up. Nasib baik I’ve downloaded the files. I tell you… the Nexto is a superb device.

The ever trusty Nexto M1.

— Neat trick: I used the laptop’s screen to light up the Nexto beautifully. —

See the CF card being inserted into it for back-up/transfer purpose? There’s another slot at the left side (of the device) for Memory Sticks and SD Cards; and a USB port at the bottom to back-up from cameras or USB sticks. And look ma… only one button. Every thing is done through that 1 button! One Ring Button to rule them all!

I’ve tried backing-up files from my phone into it. It works! Though it only backed-up the MicroSD in the phone. It can even transfer files from the HDD (inside the device) to USB sticks or memory cards — saves me the trouble of burning CDs for everyone.

Beside wiping your arse after you poo, there’s nothing the Nexto can’t do. As long as the other device has a USB plug, it will work its magic. (If your arse has a USB port, it’ll gladly back-up your arse too! X^D ) And, oh… the speed in which it would back-up your arse…

It’s a d@mn useful device, considering that flash memories are very prone to data corruption. While other external HDD casing will only cost about 80 Ringgit, the Nexto will burn a 499 Ringgit hole in your wallet for the SATA version (without HDD) from Shashinki.com.

the AMnesiac/

P.S. Have I mentioned that the Nexto M1 is a heck of a beauty too?

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