Google Chrome: n00b review

I created this list while reviewing Chrome. I’m too damn lazy to rewrite. This post will be updated with more screen shot and more points as I use Chrome.

Do check out Marktrix’s personal review of the Chrome too! <–clickety click!
He’s a nerd. Nerd’s review is different from a n00b’s review. And he’s totally into Safari, so a different point of view.
Why would anyone want to use Safari in Window or Linux is so beyond comprehension & logic. Seriously, like… WTH?! (Heh heh, can’t resist taking a sarcastic swipe at you, Mark!)

The layout is clean and easy to look at. The colour used is contrasty and easy to distinguish from one menu/panel from another. I like it more than Safari’s (and Mac’s) default layout which lacks contrast, every darn thing is in some shade of grey. It ran Grow Cube (a Flash game) magnificently, probably due to Flash being ran in a separate process.

-Links clicked appears next to the original tab, while new empty tabs appears at the end of the row. This makes surfing easier because links from one tabs are grouped together.

-However, the tabs shrink when more tabs are opened. Thy shrink and shrink and shrink until the tabs = no tabs. Firefox, IE and Safari simply extends with an arrow-button where you scroll around to hunt for the tabs. Opera is clearly the winner, where the tabs can be wrapped into multiple lines. I hate scrolling around just to hunt for the tabs. I like to be able to access all the tabs at one glance.

-Like any other browser, I can just drag a tab to the task bar and I’ll have a new window.

-Moving/rearranging the tabs is smooth, much like Safari — where the tabs slide over each other. Opera is a hit-and-miss, if you have multiple lines of tabs.

-Duplicate tab: seems smarter than Opera, it takes the original tab’s data and repost it on a new window. No lag and no download except for flash media. I’m very impressed. But… every duplicate tab is opened in a new window. If I duplicate 5x, I’ll have 5 new windows… damn stupid. Just duplicate it next to the original tab lah. In this case, Opera is better, except that it loads that damned page all over again.

-Double clicking restores the window instead of opening a new tabs. WTF?

-After creating a tab as an application shortcut on the desktop, the darned tab breaks off into a new tabless, menu-less window. And the stupid app shortcut opens up as this crippled window too! Trying to open a link as a background tab will bring it to one of the main windows that is opened… it’s sort of random where it opens = fxcked up. At least give a choice to ‘upgrade’ to full browser window so that I don’t have to run around windows and tabs. (might be good for YahooMail, except for the open new tab thing).

-The address bar has a nice touch: the address of the main site/server is in black font, while its branch pages are in grey. Nice!

-Tabs which have finished loading are not highlighted. Opera highlights them to show you that you’ve not read the tabs yet.

-The tab bar is still a bit too thick. Opera can do better with a change of skin.

*Click to see the powah of Opera! That’s a full 120 tabs in 1 window! X^D And it’s still damn easy to manage/navigate the tabs.

-It appears when it is still loading a page, telling you what it’s doing. Opera provides more info. Chrome is simple enough that I actually like it. It’s more discreet but more visible at the same time. It looks so natural. But it’s too short and can’t display long web address when you hover over a link.


*Click to view full size. 68 tabs, bebeh! 23 processes running like a champ.

-Chrome will only run 23 processes at one go. If you have more than 20 tabs, tabs will be grouped into a process. 1 process is for Chrome itself, 1 for Flash, and 1 for donch-know-what.

-During my crash test, I opened 68 tabs, in 6 windows. Total = 835MB of RAM. I have no idea how it groups the tabs together into the processes. I opened all 68 tabs from my ‘links’ page. Some processes was handling 8 tabs, while a few are only handling 1 tab.

-Then I surfed around, checked some mails, downloaded 2 documents from Yahoo!Mail, etc. RAM usage increased to 955MB.

-Let’s compare to Opera… 68 Tabs, in 5 windows. Total = 587MB of RAM usage. After surfing around and downloading 2 files from Yahoo!Mail, RAM usage was 690MB.

-It used a lot more RAM than Opera did. But it was pretty snappy and fast probably because it was running in multiple processes.

-There’s the plug-in process just to run plug-ins. But there was quite a number of tabs that contain Flash content. Which tabs do the plug-in belongs to? At least split it and label it.

-‘Stats for nerds’ page & Chrome’s task manager doesn’t split the processes or tabs by which window it is in. And there is no way to arrange the processes by name or mem size. It can’t take me to the tab when I click it. And when there are duplicate tabs, how to differentiate which process is running which tabs?

-One of the processes is used just to run Chrome (not the tabs). If you turn that off in Windows Task Manager, it will end the whole Chrome.

-Highlight colour of ‘find’ is not outstanding enough to be noticeable. Safari & Opera are way better. Safari even dims the rest of the screen, and animates the ‘found’ word. Opera is less gimmicky, but works just as well.

-No mouse gestures… yet. No other browser matches Opera in this. Firefox’s plug-in barely come close, and it already lost by being a plug-in and not built-in. Only IEpro impressed me more with a drawn outline when you do a mouse gesture and totally customisable. But many times it misses what it’s meant to do. And IE is too darn fxcking slow.

-right click on a picture: the Inspect Element option is flooded with info (HTML, CSS, XML, ETC). You can eventually learn to become a web coder by reading it (it’s to inspect the whole page, not just the picture). Also can open image in new tab. Opera will only open it on the same tab. But Opera’s killer feature: reload this picture only.

No paste-and-go. So brainless and only a few lines of codes, but no one does it but Opera & Chrome. But Opera even has a keyboard shortcut to it, which makes it even better!
-No page-auto-reload. Opera (& IEpro in limited ways) allows me to reload a page every 5 minutes or whatever time I choose.

-Still pretty responsive after opening so many tabs, scrolls smoothly, clicks from a tab to another with no lag.

-Hot-ciput-mail don’t support Chrome. It never supports anything.

-Work like a speeding bullet with gmail, as expected. But pictures in certain mails didn’t appear. No loading, no nothing. Just a square box where the pictures are suppose to be. Huh?

-www.circles99.com: A Flash heavy website. I’ve never seen any browser that loads it perfectly. Maybe the site contains cacat codes.
Chrome loads ok ok only. There are breaks in certain lines. IE loads best. Firefox — don’t know, will not bother to try. Safari loads like Opera. IE will play the embeded Clint Eastwood song upon loading. Opera & Safari just gave a ‘!’ and Quicktime logo. Chrome asked me to download Quicktime to play that song. (Quicktime? it’s an Real Media.)

-Saved password: too damn basic. Can’t manage multiple password on the same website. Reveals password in options. WTF?
The notice to save password appears in a non intrusive bar above the window. Bad thing is that I can’t cancel it using a keyboard button <— this makes sense because after typing in password, your fingers are still on the keyboard, no? But I like this presentation. Subtle and non-intrusive.

-youtube 2sec shite. Youtube video hangs after 2 seconds and wouldn’t continue to play. I think it’s Adobe’s problem.

Opera leads by a small margin, mostly in user friendliness which Chrome (as a new product) lacks. Considering Chrome is still beta, Opera needs to get a kick on their butt. Digressing… I seriously hope Opera would take some Chrome features and intergrate them into Opera, e.g. separate processes for plug-ins, thinner profile, duplicating tabs without downloading the data again, etc.

I find that I like Chrome. It has a natural feel to it. I’ll continue to use Chrome (together with Opera). It fast, if you have enough RAM to run it.

Layout/design is very natural and makes sense; fast (maybe a wee bit faster than Opera); separate process to run plug-ins & Flash media; made for nerds with lots ofnerd info/stats;

Too clean=not customisable; lacking in options/preference tweak; usability wise still quite a long way to go compared to Opera; eats lots of RAM; made for nerds; not available for Mac yet.

4 Responses to “Google Chrome: n00b review”

  1. October 13, 2008 at 9:07 am

    Yeah Yeah all your sarcastic swipes dont hurt me nuts :-p But great review there mate :-) real good…You did try many other stuff that I didnt…great job bro

    P.S. Hey, I look darn weird in your header wei….guess was sharing a joke with Henry when you snapped the photo :-p Got better ones ar?? :p


  2. October 13, 2008 at 12:35 pm

    You know it’s just that normal banter we always do to each other. =P
    Most of them are compared to how I use Opera. I surf Yahoo!Mail and Facebook using Chrome now =). Opera is just plain lousy running all these Web2.0 stuff. Wake up, Opera!
    The photo looks OK mah. You looked relaxed and having a good time. The other photo lagi cacat, you were looking at the camera with a nutty face. No sir, you won’t like it. X^D

  3. 3 TeXiCiTy
    April 29, 2009 at 10:10 pm

    Nice list you’ve mad. I was actually searching for a solution for the single row tabs and somehow got caught reading the whole post. As half a year passed, it is good to see that google got a lot better, mainly in correct page rendering and stability. As I don’t use plugins in firefox the transition to Chrome went smooth for me and I never had to return to my old browser ever since. Today is the first time in a while I find something terrible bad in chrome: not having ANY kind of solution to fitting a lot of tabs on screen. 21 tabs are open at the moment and I only see their icons. XD

    Overall I am very happy with Chrome. Being “too clean” certainly is a pro for me and every time I open firefox I get scared of all the bars on the top and the bottom of my screen, showing a browser when I want it to show websites. *writing this I try firefox F11 full screen mode, sweet!” …

    .. But firefox hides my task tray.

  4. July 6, 2013 at 1:33 am

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