I just watched the Petronas Merdeka advertisements produced by Yasmin Ahmad. The Yasmin Ahmad who speaks Cantonese. The Yasmin Ahmad who directed the movie Sepet.

They were hilarious, the ads. A series of interviews with children around the age of 8-10 (I think).

These children were asked about their friends, their relationship (I didn’t even know what is a relationship until I was 15 X^D ), and what is race.

Their reaction reflects the bunch of rascals, ooops I mean err… kids I am teaching right now:

“Hah? 什么来的?” (Huh? What is that thing [called race] ? )

“老师,什么是 kaum 和 bangsa?” (Teacher, what is race?)

I would normally just give them a Mandarin translation of ‘race’… which is 种族.

Then more questions would come. And I just can’t seem to make them grasp the concept of race, no matter how hard or how long I try to explain. And I’m glad that they don’t know. They simply don’t care. They see other kids, they just join them and run around together.

Despite all the racial slurs that I utter carelessly when I’m around friends, I never say any of those things to these children. And I always encourage them to be respectful towards people of other religion and culture. I don’t want them to grow up becoming cynics and racists like me. (Eventually, the reality of Malaysia will erase my efforts. But I hope I manage to delay the process. =)

So why is our KNNCCB-FUBAR-gahmen is still trying to play along the racial lines? And what’s worse… we adults (supposedly more wise/learned/educated/civilised/cultured) suck up to the gahmen’s bullsh!t.

You go eat sh!t lah, stupid BN! Our country could have been great and strong and rich and prosperous.
But look at us now. None of the elder people I spoke with encourage me to stay & work in Malaysia—our own country. And all of my friends have got a secret plan/hope/wish to migrate or work in a foreign country. This like so ‘WTF?!’

My form 6 teacher, Pn Mazlini mentioned that she is so sad to hear that many of her brightest students have left Malaysia to work… with the intention of returning to Malaysia only to retire 30 years from now. She feels that it is such a waste that after so many years of nurturing all these talents, Malaysia doesn’t appreciate these people and let them slip away.

Eat sh1t lah, you stupid Malay gahmen! (Oops… there goes my racial slur again! X^D )

Now, go check out the hilarious & heart-warming videos in Youtube:

The love of Tan Hong Ming

Who is your friend?

How to spell dinosaur

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