King of Pop

pictar plagiarised from theMArktrix.blogspot

I first seen the news on a friend’s MSN nick. I thought geee… what’s with that? I didn’t believed it.

Then, the moment I stepped into the office, a colleague shouted to me: “迈克杰逊死啦! Hmmmm…”

My response was is he really dead or a fake dead?  Then I read the news in Yahoo! News. MJ really is dead. Haih…
A comment I read said it well: Kings die young.

But to me, he’s been dead long ago.

A few of his MTV made huge impression on me. Thriller, Black and White, and the MTV where he turned into a leopard and back into human multiple times in the video.
Good stuff, and I’ve never seen more creative MTVs. I like his songs, but too bad I’m not a huge fan. Perhaps I’ll drop by a record shop nearby and check out his CD later.

Go to my buddy’s blog: Marktrix. His a huge-huge fan of MJ… and is a bit emo over the sad fact that MJ has left forever. Please go and console him.

Obamark, lets go sing his songs in karaoke when I’m back in KL, and reminiscent a bit… shall we?


1 Response to “King of Pop”

  1. June 27, 2009 at 11:52 pm

    Yeah Im so sad man hahaha…must sing his songs during the next sing-k outing :-p


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