Ankle stability

Ankle sprain is a pain in the ass. I used to think my ankle was pretty tough. Then 1 fine day, while playing football barefeet, I stepped on someone’s boots while tackling him, and sprained my left ankle. #$@^#&*(&^!!!

The left ankle has never been the same. It felt loose, as if a nut or screw is loose. And there’s a snap on the lateral (outside) ligaments when I turn it inverse (inwards). I hate it!

Nick Nilsson: Rock Solid Ankle Stability
Stronger, more stable ankle —> no more sprain!
1) 1 leg balancing (with weights).
2) 1 leg balancing on unstable surface (foam, mattress, sand, towel).
3) 1 leg balancing and catching—catch a ball, or bounce a ball off a wall and catching.
4) 1 leg calf raise with swinging dumbbell—swing dumbbell at random directions





Drive the coin into the ground to prevent lateral force on the ankle.


Using rubber bands to strengthen the ankle.

Sprained ankle compression rehab.

Proprioception series by Sport-forma.com


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