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ADL has been using crystals to tune equipment for decades now. And no, we are not New Agers. There is a rational scientific explanation for the effect crystals have on electronics.

We discovered the effect when I noticed a quartz cluster I had in the old Waialae store as a center piece was getting dusty. Taking it out and hosing it down, I then noticed that a persistent high frequency glare  in the sound room had disappeared. Replacing the cluster restored that glare, hmmm……….

Then we became a Shun Mook dealer and their m’pingo discs intrigued us with their effect. Finding a source of the wood and using the wood showed a bit of improvement but not to the the effect of their discs. X-raying the disc revealed that there was something inside and further dissection ( of a $50 disc !) revealed that there was a faceted 2 mm crystal inside. The crystal alone had greater effect than the wood itself. Their crystal was reddish/purple and could have been either amethyst or a ruby. We lost the crystal before we could properly identify it.

This led to our experimenting with various crystals. Diamonds had the best bass, but was ruled out for being a bit too costly. The quartz family worked very well. This silicon family includes quartz, amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, topaz ( or what some call topaz, technically topaz is a different stone). It s probably the most common mineral on the planet.

Quartz is piezo electric, as well as stones like tourmaline. What this means is that under mechanical pressure, a piezo crystal will generate electrical current. This principle is used to fabricate things like weight scales and such. The opposite is also true: under a strong EMF field, the piezo crystal will generate movement. This principle is used for crystal oscillators which run your quartz watches, tune your cell phones, etc.

Placing a piezo crystal in areas where strong EMF fields are present will create movement in the crystal, which if loosely anchored, say with a bit of putty or Blue Tack, will convert the EMF energy into motion and thus to heat, dissipating that energy. This is particularly effective on motor assemblies, including TT motors and CD spin motors. The peizo crystals will also work extremely well on transformers and other sited where a strong EMF is present.

Size of the crystals also does make a difference. The bigger the crystal, the lower the affected frequency. Also the nature of the crystal also has an effect. Amethyst, Aqua Aura, and rutile quartz have the most extended top end. By juggling both size and type of crystal you can fine tune your sound system.

The crystals must be be able to move fairly freely. Do NOT glue them down, instead use a bit of Blue Tack to adhere the crystals. Duco makes a soft putty available at most hardware stores. It is sold to stick posters to walls without resorting to pins. Our current favorite is the 3M automotive caulking strips. Be aware that it is very hard on wood surfaces and paints leaving a stain. It also is quite expensive.

You can purchase crystals from Sedona over at the Ward Center or at Kim’s on Maunakea Street. We also sell crystals. too.


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