The Arrogant and Stubborn Mules

Let me start this post with a story ala Aesop style.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful kingdom called the Grassdom. Grassdom was a great place. Full of natural resources, free from natural disasters. And many types of animals lived happily in Grassdom. Grassdom is ruled by a coalition of animals. They were the zebras, mules, horses and unicorns.

And because Grassdom was a flat grassland, it favoured the horses and zebras. Knowing their disadvantage as mules, they busted their ass working hard all the time. The worked together and formed groups to help each other.

Due to their hardwork, the mules managed to achieve certain success. They’ve built a reputation for being resourceful & hardworking animals that thrive in Grassdom, despite their disadvantages.

Slowly, the mules became proud. They liked to pat each others’ back and talk amongst themselves that the mules do not need the natural advantages that the horses and zebras possess to achieve success. And behind their backs, the mules called the horses & zebras lazy animals.

The mules also became very very stubborn. You see, the mules eat a lot of carrots. Due to diet limitations, the horses and zebras don’t consume carrots. They take oats & wheats instead. Sometimes, the carrots rot and it affected the oats and wheats. And this became unacceptable for the horses and zebras to eat the oats and wheats. The horses and zebras have no choice but to meet with the mules to discuss about this issue.

They claim that carrots are a very important food for them. And that the horses and zebras must respect the mules rights to grow carrots. And the accuse the horses & zebras as being inconsiderate to their needs for carrots. They make a big fuss over the issue, despite the fact that mules have no problem eating oats & wheats (it’s just that the mule didn’t eat them often).

The horses and zebras became pissed off with the mules’ attitude, and they were sick of the mules talking behind their backs calling them lazy. So they felt that there is only one thing to do: they decided to kick the mules’ arrogant arses and send them back into the hilly forest for being a royal pain in the arse.

The moral of the story is: Don’t be an ASS.

OK I know… the ending of the story is somewhat lame & super kaulat anti climax (the last paragraph) =P. But the story has a point to make. Guess who are the mules?
The explanation of this story is here: Who Are The Mules?

Yours Animatedly,


2 Responses to “The Arrogant and Stubborn Mules”

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