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Silent PC Review

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CV/Resume Writing

I wrote this post so that I’ll have links here that I can refer to whenever I need them. So, my blog serves a dual purpose

One, is to spread the biased opinions of ‘The Great Crapologist’ a.k.a. iamyuanwu (me lah, you stupid-dumb-dumb!);

and two, is to be create a reference of bookmarks and links that I find useful for myself.
I did NOT create these links out of generosity, for the passion of blogging, to report about floods in Johor, to help save the sumatran Rhinos in our forest (Honda sponsored project), to prevent global warming(have you watched the movie ‘An Inconveniet Truth’ by Al Gore, the ex-U.S. vice president?), to lobby for debt reduction of developing countries,especially African nations (as so passionately promoted by Bono, the lead singer of U2), to raise awareness of blood & conflict diamonds, to talk about AIDS, to end the war in Iraq, to tell you about nuclear weapons in North Korea or other obscure/abtract/ambiguous reasons and etc, etc, etc…

They are created just-in-case aku terlupa.

Here goes…
Read this with a pinch of salt. Wait… make it two pinches.

Yours Sincerely,
the CInaMudahLupa (sarcasm alert: satire for ‘Melayu Mudah Lupa’, heh heh!).

Twitter of a Cereal Killer

  • I love Dropbox because it is easy to use, easy to share stuff, easy to upload photos from my phone. 4 years ago
  • @BFMradio charcoal tab=activated carbon which absorbs toxins. Charred food are not carbon, they are carcinogenic chem eg HCA, acrylamide. 5 years ago
  • @BFMradio Great job, Boey. Love your comic! 5 years ago
  • @BFMradio Mira:the natural T in women tak cukup to turn u into Arnold. If u train hard enough, u'd probably look like a gymnast. =) 6 years ago
  • Bulgarian split squat is the most taxing exercise I've had to endure. It's a battle! 8 years ago
  • Hangzhou-lites go for IV drip during hi fever or sorethroat. -_-" Aiyoh, just drink lotsa 100 Plus and gargle saline water lah! Duh! 8 years ago
  • Got an earful from my superior. My right ear (was on the phone) is still ringing w/ her voice. Is it ok to hope that I get fired soon? LOL! 8 years ago
  • Just came back from HZ Hash Hound Harriers. Woooo, that was fun! I should so join again next week. 8 years ago

iamyuanwu’s fitness

Simplefit Level 6 day 3 = 14min 12s (12 Sep, Fri)

Hundred Pushups = Week 3 day 3 (13 Sep, Tue)

Stronglift 5x5 = temporary hiatus. Someone help me kick start plz, I mustn't waste the free Fitnesss First membership!

BN/UMN0 pisses me off!

Sep 05 BN MPs go 'study tour' to prevent them from jumping ship. X^D Stupiak tactic.
Sep 04 DrM 老马's seditious blog post <--click) inciting Malays to go amok. Told you DrM is evil.
Aug 29 Ahmad Ismail called me a bl00dy pendatang & do not deserve equal treatment. WTF?!

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