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Death Note to UMNO

Hey anime/manga fans out there? I’m sure you would have heard about this Japanese manga comic — Death Note. If you still have zilch idea about it, you can flip the newspaper: look for the cinema listings. There’s a new movie based on this manga. Same title, same story.

For the uninitiated, the story is about the god/angel of death purposely dropped his book on earth. Some smart alec found it. Whose ever name he wrote on the book will die, by heart failure if the way to die is not written.

Check out this short video here by Shadow Fox. Quite funny! And it’s only 8 seconds, no reason no to watch it. If it were up to me, I would write death by having explosives (preferably C4) shoved up their greedy-corrupted ass! Bwahahaha [sinister* laughter]! (*sinister=bad, evil, base, or wicked; fell: his sinister purposes.)

This just reminded me of a joke while I was still in MBS. This soft spoken, fair skinned guy was chosen as the school captain. My friend said the principal must have chosen him as a captain after sodomising him (it was some time after the Anwar sodomy case, thus the stupid joke. Kamar, you remember this joke?).
The statement that followed was this: “Dia tu lembik, mesti buntut dia koyak kena liwat. Haha… buntut koyak!”
Translation: “He is soft, his asshole must have torn while being sodomised. Haha… torned asshole!”

Do you think Pak Lah’s buntut lembik[soft ass] will koyak[get torn] when the C4 is shoved up his ass?


While Malaysia fiddles…

*Click* to read the full article.
*Click* for his follow-up article specially addressed to Malaysians.

While Malaysia fiddles, its opportunities are running dry
By Michael Backman
The Age
November 15, 2006

MALAYSIA’S been at it again, arguing about what proportion of the economy each of its two main races — the Malays and the Chinese — owns. It’s an argument that’s been running for 40 years. That wealth and race are not synonymous is important for national cohesion, but really it’s time Malaysia grew up.

It’s a tough world out there and there can be little sympathy for a country that prefers to argue about how to divide wealth rather than get on with the job of creating it.

The long-held aim is for 30 per cent of corporate equity to be in Malay hands, but the figure that the Government uses to justify handing over huge swathes of public companies to Malays but not to other races is absurd. It bases its figure on equity valued, not at market value, but at par value.

Read full article here [ ]. (Go read it. It you can’t understand, email me, maybe I can do a Malay translation)

The best part of the article has to be the last line:

That’s not Malaysia “boleh”, that’s Malaysia “bodoh” (stupid).

I say… it indeed is f*cking “bodoh”!

And this is his follow up article addressed specially to Malaysians.

This is written by an foreigner who don’t want to see our country go to h*ll because he loves Malaysia. But what are we, young Malaysian graduates (especially Chinese) going to do about our government? Mind our own business and say ‘aiyah, what to do’?! We have to let our votes count.

Our current government has ruled the country for so long it thinks that being unloyal to UMNO means being unloyal to Malaysia. UMNO is not Malaysia. UMNO (specifically the UMNOPutras) is a corrupted-loud mouthed-selfish-greedy party that doesn’t care about normal people like you and me.

At the same time, MCA is a spineless (takda tulang belakang) party. Actually, dickless; a dickless puppet. Its sole existence is the opposite of what it is supposed to do. It is supposed to represent the Chinese. But it has done nothing of it. It is so dickless that they can’t even bring up issues relating to the Chinese community to the parliament and government. Seriously, ask yourself, what has MCA done for the people it represents? That’s right, merasmikan berbagai-bagai jenis acara. MCA is a politically-castrated* component party. [*castrated = cut off testiscles/ding dongs/’choon doi’]

However, we continue to vote for it because we think that it is better to have a puppet in the government than none at all. Voting for MCA means voting for BN means voting for UMNO. Voting for UMNO means giving them the mandate to take our money and put it in their own wallet.
If you don’t want your money, don’t give it to UMNO/MCA/MIC. Give it to me. At least you know I’ll treat you to a meal more frequently than BN will repair the pot holes in front of your house.

I’ll follow up with another article about why we should NOT vote for BN. Vote for PAS also not so ‘sui’


Broken Bridges

Broken Bridges

BROKEN BRIDGES is a big musical with an even bigger story of friendship, love and dreams. This charming humorous and touching musical begins in 1950s Ipoh. The protagonist, Ming, seeks to chart his own destiny despite his father’s plans for him. His best friend, Leong, is the obedient son, perfectly content with life in a small town. The stark contrast between these two characters begs the questions: ‘ What’s wrong with the old ways?’ and conversely, ‘What’s wrong with the new ways?’

Broken Bridges The Musical is going to Ipoh!
It’ll be staged in Taman Budaya Perak, Ipoh; on Nov 24-26.
More details here in

I missed the one in KL. [sorry Ky-gen]. Yes, the script was written by Teng Ky-gen and Chuang Yik. Both were UKM students. Those who stayed in Keris Mas, UKM would know who Ky-gen is.

Reviews for the show was very good. Darn that I missed it the last time. I’m going to take a bus to Ipoh to watch it. However, I don’t want to go alone. Anyone interested to go to Ipoh with me? Let me know ASAP! Most probably, I’ll go to the show on the 26th Nov (Sunday) afternoon. [Pan, you are expected to go with me, since you are in Ipoh anyway! Hehe!]

Signing off,
the Artsy-Fartsy Fan.



Say it with me.
“Humu-humu nuku-nuku apoo aa-aa”

Try to say it as fast as possible! Hehe!

It’s actually Hawaiian. Grace Siromani taught me this phrase – humuhumunukunukuapua’a – right after she came back from her industrial training in Sea World, Hawaii… or was is Sea Park? [sorry Grace, can’t really remember the name].

It’s the name of a fish. And humuhumunukunukuapua’a ‘s name, after translating it to English, is ‘the little fish that looks like a pig’! The English name of the fish is the Hawaiian Triggerfish or Reef Triggerfish (Rhinecanthus rectangulus) It was the state fish of Hawaii long ago. Was, then wasn’t, and now it IS the state fish again. Many Hawaiians still assumed humuhumunukunukuapua’a as their state fish even when the state government didn’t.

Humuhumunukunukuapua’a isn’t indigenous to Hawaii. Humuhumunukunukuapua’a can be found in many places. But I guess the Hawaiians made humuhumunukunukuapua’a the state fish because is has a cute name.

This is a picture of humuhumunukunukuapua’a. You can read more about the humuhumunukunukuapua’a here and Wikipedia

I love saying this phrase. Sounds cute and funny. And it gets people to look at me with a flabbergasted-‘huh?’ expression. I think I’m going to start greeting people with that phrase, instead of saying ‘hi’ or ‘hello’. Bwahahaha!

Humuhumunukunukuapua’a to you!

By the way, how many times was the name of the fish humuhumunukunukuapua’a mentioned?

Signing off,
the HAwaiian.


English test, it’s fun!

Commonly Confused Words Test. Try it, it’s fun. Then post your results in my comments area. Hehe!


You scored 92% Beginner, 100% Intermediate, 93% Advanced, and 53% Expert!

You have an extremely good understanding of beginner, intermediate, and advanced level commonly confused English words, getting at least 75% of each of these three levels’ questions correct. This is an exceptional score. Remember, these are commonly confused English words, which means most people don’t use them properly. You got an extremely respectable score.

Thank you so much for taking my test. I hope you enjoyed it!

For the complete Answer Key, visit my blog:

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 32% on Beginner
You scored higher than 44% on Intermediate
You scored higher than 49% on Advanced
You scored higher than 3% on Expert

Link: The Commonly Confused Words Test written by shortredhead78 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test


My home has been Wi-Fied. Just bought a Belkin wireless router. Now I can even surf/blog/chat while shitting in the toilet!

That’s the Belkin 54G Wi Fi router, next to my third Aztech DSL modem in 2 years. The first modem simply stopped working for no reason one fine day. The next one got fried together with the network card on one stormy day. The router works like a charm. It better be, I paid 170 Ringgit for it. But it heats up pretty quickly. After running it for about 10 minutes, it’s almost hot enough to cook an egg. Wonder why it has holes on its bottom instead of on top to dissipate the heat.

Something funny I noticed is that the connection drops a wee bit when I overturn it to face down (so that the holes face up).

Oh by the way, ‘router’ is pronounced as ‘roo.tuh’; not ‘rah-oo.tuh’. Check the dictionary. I keep hearing people who sell computer stuffs pronouncing as rah-oo.tuh. Stupid Americans can’t pronounce properly. And we are stupider to ‘main ikut saja’.

Wi-Fi screen

My home is wi-fied! Is yours?

Yours Sincerely,
the Toilet Blogger.


The Dead Mongolian Lady

Atlantuya. How sad, that she was murdered. Brutally.

However, my concern here is the explosive and people involved in the crime.

C4 and police. What the h*ll is going on in our country?! Explosive and guns are not easy to obtain in Malaysia, what more with C4. And 3 police personnels are involved in this brutal murder.

So this shows that if you are some what affiliated with the top, you could have people got rid off… by the police. That means we, the normal citizens can just be as easily wipe off the face of earth by the people we entrust our safety with.

So, when are Malaysians going to wake up and realise that the current government is as corrupted as it can be.

Twitter of a Cereal Killer

  • I love Dropbox because it is easy to use, easy to share stuff, easy to upload photos from my phone. 4 years ago
  • @BFMradio charcoal tab=activated carbon which absorbs toxins. Charred food are not carbon, they are carcinogenic chem eg HCA, acrylamide. 5 years ago
  • @BFMradio Great job, Boey. Love your comic! 5 years ago
  • @BFMradio Mira:the natural T in women tak cukup to turn u into Arnold. If u train hard enough, u'd probably look like a gymnast. =) 6 years ago
  • Bulgarian split squat is the most taxing exercise I've had to endure. It's a battle! 8 years ago
  • Hangzhou-lites go for IV drip during hi fever or sorethroat. -_-" Aiyoh, just drink lotsa 100 Plus and gargle saline water lah! Duh! 8 years ago
  • Got an earful from my superior. My right ear (was on the phone) is still ringing w/ her voice. Is it ok to hope that I get fired soon? LOL! 8 years ago
  • Just came back from HZ Hash Hound Harriers. Woooo, that was fun! I should so join again next week. 8 years ago

iamyuanwu’s fitness

Simplefit Level 6 day 3 = 14min 12s (12 Sep, Fri)

Hundred Pushups = Week 3 day 3 (13 Sep, Tue)

Stronglift 5x5 = temporary hiatus. Someone help me kick start plz, I mustn't waste the free Fitnesss First membership!

BN/UMN0 pisses me off!

Sep 05 BN MPs go 'study tour' to prevent them from jumping ship. X^D Stupiak tactic.
Sep 04 DrM 老马's seditious blog post <--click) inciting Malays to go amok. Told you DrM is evil.
Aug 29 Ahmad Ismail called me a bl00dy pendatang & do not deserve equal treatment. WTF?!

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