Who Are The Mules?

You will need to read the previous post “The Arrogant and Stubborn Mules” first.
From the previous post…
Obviously, ‘Grassdom’ is Malaysia. The ‘mules’ are…

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng…!!
*drum rolls…

…are US (kami, 我们) the Chinese Malaysians.

We Chinese Malaysians have become too proud of ourselves. I was visiting an old teacher of mine recently for dinner. And we were talking about some issues, and then she mentioned about the Malays getting preferential treatment & the Chinese Malaysians not having any of those benefits what not. And I replied, “we don’t need it [because we are self-sufficient and we have a strong community for support].”

“That’s right,” she said, quite proudly with a hint of . “The Chinese Malaysians will survive through our hard work.”

You see, that wasn’t what I wanted to convey. What I wanted to say is that we Chinese Msians generally tend to form groups/cliques and help each other along the way. You could call it 义, kinship, a sense of community, guanxi (关系), etc… I hypothesise that this is a major reason for some immigrant communities to thrive in foreign lands (e.g. Chinese Msians). And these are not reasons for us to be proud and start sneering at the Malays or Indian or the Dan-lain-lain’s.

Then I proceed by saying that the C-Msians have slowly became more proud, stubborn & biased. I stated that we like to pat ourselves in the back for our hardworking attitude compared to the preferential treatment the Malays get. We hold on to certain issues that we believe are our deserved rights (Chinese primary school, must-eat-pork-if-not-can-die-liddat).

I continued to say that the Mainland Chinese have no biased mindset about learning Arabic. To them, learning Arabic lets them sell more goods to Middle East. So, it makes a lot of ‘cents‘ to speak it (pun intended). Due to our biased mindset… we complain that our rights are abuse, we make a fuss that Islamic gestures are forced upon us, & etc when some of us are forced to learn Arabic in public universities.
I ended by saying that we C-Msians must continue to remain humble, and stop being biased and discriminating.

Suddenly, the conversation in the car stopped and everyone went so silent (my teacher, her husband & my dad was in the car). I know I must have said something ugly, but very true about us C-Msians.

Yours Sincerely (perhaps not so sincerely),


2 Responses to “Who Are The Mules?”

  1. March 6, 2010 at 2:13 am

    :) nice analogy.

    It makes me think of the way perfect model democracy countries like the USA. They have complete assimilation of races, but it also means losing cultural identity and losing any ties with their mother country. In Malaysia we retain our cultural identity but in return we have to have extra tolerance to one another in practicing our separate cultures.

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