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Last Minute Win by Arse[nal]

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Rock the Vote! Have you registered to VOTE?
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Arsenal did it again!

Arsenal vs Man Utd: 2-1

I betcha that the ‘Kidney-pool’ fans out there must be confused now [?!?!].

To hate Arsenal… Or not to hate Arsenal…

To hate Arsenal… because they(Arse) taruh us(Kidney-pool) 3-6 two weeks ago,
Not to hate Arsenal… because they taruh Man Utd 2-1 today.

“So how wor?” ask Kidney-pool fans in dilemma.

I’m unable to answer you, because as usual… I’m laughing ’til my sanity returns!


Have YOU? I Have

“Have you registered?”

That’s something I always ask my friends recently. Then, typical of Chinese [Malaysians], they ask me back the same question. Now let me answer your question:

I have. In fact, I just have it done a few hours ago. In the post office.


Don’t be such a lazy bum! Then give all kinds of sh*t @$$ excuses not to register.

register to vote

I didn’t create these banners. The Americans created this campaign to make it’s young people register to vote. I thought it was a good idea so I ciplak their idea. Heh heh!
You can check out their website:
But first, check out these two pages:, and

Move your lazy @$$es to the Pos Malaysia office and register. It’s so easy. You just need to bring yourself and your IC. It took me all of 10 minutes to get it all done.

Don’t give yourself excuses: All bull sh*t!
no time lah… [it’s only 10 minutes. You pee in the toilet also more then 10 minutes]
don’t know where… [I just told you: go to any post office!]
no money lah… [it’s free, so no more excuse for you!]

Lets ROCK THE VOTE in the coming election!
Remember, we get the gahmen we deserve! So vote to make a difference!

Yours Sincerely,
the VOter.


Malaysian Chinese? Chinese Malaysian?

Are you a Malaysian Chinese?

Or are you a Chinese Malaysian?

You see, many ethnic Chinese in Malaysia are a confused bunch. They don’t know whether to call themselves Chinese or Malaysian. And gwai lohs who visit Malaysia are always confused by them.

This is bad. Very bad. Why? Because this means that no one knows where their loyalty lies. No wonder many Malays hate us and distrust us.

If you ask me, I’d say I’m a Chinese Malaysian. ‘Chinese’ is what describes me. ‘Malaysian’ is who I am. This means that I am a Malaysian, but of Chinese ethinicity. Malaysia is my country, I grew up in Malaysia, and I am emotionally attached to Malaysia. I am concerned about what is happening here in Malaysia, not Taiwan or China (that’s the problem. Apasal asyik cakap pasal Taiwan & China aje?! Balik tiong sua lah lu!). It is my TANAH AIR.

An analogy: red apple. ‘Red’ = adjective; ‘apple’ = noun. ‘Red’ is what describes the noun, ‘apple’ is what that noun is.
Another analogy: Malay Chinese. Malay = adj; Chinese = noun. This would apply to a person whose ethnicity is Malay, but Chinese by heart. This could happen if his ancestors settled in China, adopted China as his country, grew up in China and is emotionally attached to China.

So, if you call yourself a Malaysian Chinese, that means you still have the immigrant mentality. But you keep demanding for all kinds of stuff from the Malaysian gahmen. Dude, you’ve got to realise that unless you start calling yourself a Malaysian, and start behaving like one… Then only would people start to give you what you deserve.

It’s Visit Malaysia Year 2007. If tourists ask, say you are Malaysian… a true-blue Malaysian.

Yours Sincerely,
the CInaMudahLupa (sarcasm alert: satire on ‘Melayu Mudah Lupa’).


Anti Toll Protest

I bet some of you didn’t know about the toll hike protest/demostration held in Sunway. I knew about the protest through Jeff Ooi’s blog — Screenshots and others politically-aware and issue driven blogs (links are on the right, under ‘Blogs That Matter’). It’s good to see Malaysians exercising OUR RIGHTS as citizens, regardless of RACE.

I had wanted to go. Then I totally forgot about it when the new semester in UKM started. I got caught up with all the mumbo-jumbo that comes with a new sem… and got depressed.

You’ve got to check out this photo by Alan Cheah…
Tol rampas susu
The photo was in Screenshots. When I saw it, I couldn’t help but re-post it here. You can look at more photos here in Lensa Malaysia.

Most of my friends and I are in the middle class. Perhaps most of us are in the middle-upper class. What this means is that we hate the toll hike and we feel cheated. However, it is more or less of an inconvenience to us. We can afford the toll, just buy less Nike and Vincci. To the couple and many others, the toll hike is not just an inconvenience, it is a threat to their livelihood… a threat to their survival.

BTW, you didn’t read anything about the street protest in the mainstream newspaper, right? Stupid gahmen owned paper! Biased like sh*t! That why I have to put this up here, so you guys know about these issues that those stupid-dumb-dumb papers don’t report! Go read The Sun. Forget about NST, the Star, Berita Harian, Sin Chew, Nan Yang and worst of all, Metro. The Sun is the only paper that is fair and has the guts to criticise the gahmen.

Time to make a difference… Rock The Vote! Register to VOTE!

Yours Sincerely,
the DRiver.

P.S. If you go look at the photos… The police in red helmets are riot police. This time, I read from other bloggers that they did not whack anyone up. They were very professional. In fact, some reported that they kam-ching with the protesters after the protest. I guess they feel the pinch of toll hike too. Hah hah!


CV/Resume Writing

I wrote this post so that I’ll have links here that I can refer to whenever I need them. So, my blog serves a dual purpose

One, is to spread the biased opinions of ‘The Great Crapologist’ a.k.a. iamyuanwu (me lah, you stupid-dumb-dumb!);

and two, is to be create a reference of bookmarks and links that I find useful for myself.
I did NOT create these links out of generosity, for the passion of blogging, to report about floods in Johor, to help save the sumatran Rhinos in our forest (Honda sponsored project), to prevent global warming(have you watched the movie ‘An Inconveniet Truth’ by Al Gore, the ex-U.S. vice president?), to lobby for debt reduction of developing countries,especially African nations (as so passionately promoted by Bono, the lead singer of U2), to raise awareness of blood & conflict diamonds, to talk about AIDS, to end the war in Iraq, to tell you about nuclear weapons in North Korea or other obscure/abtract/ambiguous reasons and etc, etc, etc…

They are created just-in-case aku terlupa.

Here goes…
Read this with a pinch of salt. Wait… make it two pinches.

Yours Sincerely,
the CInaMudahLupa (sarcasm alert: satire for ‘Melayu Mudah Lupa’, heh heh!).


I Can’t Believe It!

Can you f*cking believe it?!

It’s impossible!!


Liverpool 3 — Arsenal 6

WTF?! I simply cannot believe this. I heard it in the radio while driving to UKM on the North-South Highway yesterday morning. I lost control of myself, and the car swerved left and right. Almost terlanggar pokok! I thought there must be a mistake. 3-6 on the score sheet? Then I read the papers this morning and ‘holy sh*t!’

Bwahahahaha!! Arsenal thrashed their [Kidney-pool’s] buntut lembik (as lembik as Pak Lah’s)!

All the Kidney-pool fans out there can say whatever they want, be it “I don’t care”, “you’ll never walk alone”, and all the sh*t they so often say whenever they lose…
I’ll just point my finger at the score sheet and laugh until my sanity returns! It’s going to take days just to wipe that smirk off my face!

In fact, I think my depression of being stucked in UKM has already lifted a bit, upon reading this news on the paper.

Yours Sincerely,
the ARsenal Fan.


Dilemma in UKM

Since I’ll be stucked in UKM for quite a while… I’m in a dilemma.

Here my dilemma:

There are 2 related course in the food science department in UKM: Masters in Food Science and Masters in Nutrition.

I enrolled in the food science course. However, I’m thinking of switching to Nutrition.
Let me just list the subjects here…
[note: ‘=’ core subjects; ‘-‘ electives; those in bold are subjects offered to both courses]

Food Science:
=Food quality*
=Food & nutritional toxicology*
=Advanced food microbiology
=Advanced food chemistry
=Protein product technology
=Food packaging
Science of fats & oils*
Food safety management*
-Food processing operations
-Sugar & chocolate confection technology

those in bold above are the same subjects offered in nutrition
=Research techniques in nutrition
=Applied nutrition
=Nutrient & drug interactions
=Diet therapy
-Nutrition & aging

My reason to read nutrition is: since I already have a bachelors’ degree in food science, a masters in nutrition would give me more options in the future. However, this would make me Jack of all trades, master of none.

I’ll have to come up with a decision by the end of this week.

I’d appreciate any opinions from your point of view. If this is YOU, which would you choose? Why?

Yours Sincerely,
The POstGrad Student.

Twitter of a Cereal Killer

  • I love Dropbox because it is easy to use, easy to share stuff, easy to upload photos from my phone. 4 years ago
  • @BFMradio charcoal tab=activated carbon which absorbs toxins. Charred food are not carbon, they are carcinogenic chem eg HCA, acrylamide. 5 years ago
  • @BFMradio Great job, Boey. Love your comic! 5 years ago
  • @BFMradio Mira:the natural T in women tak cukup to turn u into Arnold. If u train hard enough, u'd probably look like a gymnast. =) 6 years ago
  • Bulgarian split squat is the most taxing exercise I've had to endure. It's a battle! 8 years ago
  • Hangzhou-lites go for IV drip during hi fever or sorethroat. -_-" Aiyoh, just drink lotsa 100 Plus and gargle saline water lah! Duh! 8 years ago
  • Got an earful from my superior. My right ear (was on the phone) is still ringing w/ her voice. Is it ok to hope that I get fired soon? LOL! 8 years ago
  • Just came back from HZ Hash Hound Harriers. Woooo, that was fun! I should so join again next week. 8 years ago

iamyuanwu’s fitness

Simplefit Level 6 day 3 = 14min 12s (12 Sep, Fri)

Hundred Pushups = Week 3 day 3 (13 Sep, Tue)

Stronglift 5x5 = temporary hiatus. Someone help me kick start plz, I mustn't waste the free Fitnesss First membership!

BN/UMN0 pisses me off!

Sep 05 BN MPs go 'study tour' to prevent them from jumping ship. X^D Stupiak tactic.
Sep 04 DrM 老马's seditious blog post <--click) inciting Malays to go amok. Told you DrM is evil.
Aug 29 Ahmad Ismail called me a bl00dy pendatang & do not deserve equal treatment. WTF?!

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