Nazri Spin-doctoring the Ban of ‘Allah’ Word

The daily also quoted Nazri to have said that the series of attacks against the houses of worship has proven that the government was right in its decision to restrict the use of the word.

“Banning the use of ‘Allah’ by Christians was a pre-emptive move to stop outbreaks of religious violence in the nation,” he reportedly said.

Nazri also drew a parallel between the “Allah” dispute and the ‘cow head protest’ in Shah Alam last year, against the relocation of a temple in the Selangor capital.

-quoted from The Malaysian Insider

Nazri oh Nazri. Please don’t give us these kind of bullsh1t. We’re not stupid.

The use of the word of ‘Allah’ in Christian text was never an issue in the first place. But thanks to Syed Hamid Albar, he turned it into a big thing. This is proof of the narrow-mindedness & bigotry BN gahmen had instilled into the minds of so many Malaysian.

If there wasn’t a ban, and an ensuing court case. This would totally be a non-issue. The gahmen could’ve done the right thing and explained to the public that the word ‘allah’ simply means god in Arabic. But all these cheebai politicians decided to add oil to fire.

“Lets stir religious and racial hatred. Then send the UMNO machai’s to create some chaos.”

Seriously, these politicians are stupid. If they create a peaceful environment for business and increase the standard of living… then there are more money in the system for them to get corrupted. People would turn a blind eye as long as our lives are good (well… sort of turn half-a-blind-eye). Is it that difficult to figure out? Mahathir forgot teach you guys all these meh?

Yours Religiously,


1 Response to “Nazri Spin-doctoring the Ban of ‘Allah’ Word”

  1. 1 Hee
    January 23, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    Malaysian Chinese

    A rasict group of yellow people who originated from mainland China for more than half a century ago. The most obnoxious race in this country. Think they are the smartest race in Malaysia and all other races are stupid and lazy, they especially hate the malays. Control most businesses by cheating people or bribery. Chinese business people never gives a fuck about customers if 1) The customer is not rich 2) The customer is not chinese 3) The customer is young. If involved in a road accident with driver/rider of another race, will never admit their fault even if it’s really their fault, infact will curse the other driver/rider with vulgarities. Will be your good friend if you have power and lots of money but never gives a shit about you if youre a nobody. Chinese girls ( especially young and chinese educated ) think people of different colored skin as disgusting if they get near them, when actually Malaysian chinese dont wash their assholes with water after they shit. Once a person of another race buys something faulty from their premise, this person will never be able to get a refund or his item replaced with a new one. Involved in gangsterism actively in this country. Will laugh at your face and joke with their friends if they think a person of another race is not as smart as them. The MCA of Malaysia are afraid of the Malaysian government, purely chicken shit.
    Will be super friendly when you enter their business premise, but will turn to monsters and be rude and unfriendl…

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